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Please note – our stock is always in a state of flux, and stock quantities change daily, as well our online catalogue may not be updated immediately when we receive our shipments. If you find a product you need, and it is currently listed as “Out Of Stock”, please contact us by EMAIL or PHONE so we can inform you of it’s status.

Address: 105 Boppart Ct., Kelowna BC., V1V1G5 (Corner of Clifton & Boppart)
Ph. (778) 478-2199 /  Toll Free: (855) 313-2199 / Fax: (778) 478-0350

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Welcome to Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd. located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

We are a fast growing, Canadian Source for prospecting & mining supplies, gold panning supplies, metal detectors, rock tumblers, treasure hunting books, lapidary supplies (rock tumblers) and have nearly 300 products to choose from.

We are now among the largest Canadian Suppliers for Prospecting Equipment, and growing exponentially.

Regardless of your expertise, we are here for you, and unlike many of our competitors, we actually DO have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, and not just here to “SELL” you stuff.

We are excited to draw upon Bryan’s 25+ years of experience and knowledge in the Prospecting and Metal Detecting fields, to help you make the right decisions based on your needs and budget.  The other guys just want your money – we want you to succeed in your treasure hunting endeavors – that’s what sets us “WAY” apart from our competitors, because we have been there!!

If you already know everything, go find a discounter – but don’t be surprised if it costs you much more in the end.  We want you to succeed within your budget, not theirs!!

Recent News:

  • Our Canadian Made Hand Dredge the “MotherSucker“, has evolved into a true “2 in 1” ” POWER PACK” as it can quickly convert from the “Sniper” [crevicing] mode, to the “Prospector” [production] mode in just a couple of minutes, and comes complete with 22″ x 1/2″ “Sniper” crevicing tip for cleaning out those tight bedrock cracks and potholes, and uses no gas or oil – just hand power.  (check with local regulations first before using this product since different Provinces and Territories have their own regulations).
  • Because we build each unit specifically with attention to detail, it’s hands down, 110% better than any of our competitors, we put our reputation on that. Please refer to for more information and dealers that may be near you. We also have a short Video there as well.
  • Also, we are now manufacturing our own line of “Underwater Viewing Scope” called the “Gold Finder“.  Check it out in our catalogue section (see tab above) or refer to for more information and dealers that may be near you.
  •  Our own “Fine Gold Recovery System” called the “Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery Table” designed to help you get that really fine gold out of your – 20 mesh concentrates, has been flying out the door, and now converts to a “Concentrating” sluice with an optional insert.  come over for a demo and you will be impressed at the speed and efficiency of this product, you can also read about it under the “Concentrator” category on this site.
  • We have just released our version of a mini-concentrator that can be incorporated into the Black Scorpion Stand, or simply sit on a bucket.  We have also designed a 2-tier system as well”.  Check out our Video’s.

REMEMBER to BOOKMARK our site, or better yet “SIGN UP” as we are always adding more products to our  inventory.  Our goal is to make this a one-stop resource for all your gold prospecting and gold panning needs, and don’t forget to access our catalogue and sign up so we can keep you informed of new stuff when it’s available.

Turbo pan Gold Seekers Manual  Blue Bowl Concentrator Levelers Gold Magic Gold WheelFine Gold Recovery System


Are You A Prospecting Newbie? If you are, and don’t have a clue what you want, well we can help.  It all starts with the absolute Basics – Gold Pan, Suction Bottle, Tweezers and Magnifier [ for those really small pieces ], Gold Vial and Shovel.  I strongly suggest also that you don’t spend a lot of money getting started, and you can have fun without spending huge cash, and if you aren’t sure, give us a call “Toll Free” and we can help. For some tips and techniques on how to get started, also try visiting our sister site at CONSIGNMENT SALES: Do you have some good used placer mining equipment, metal detector or other related items you wish to sell? Currently, we are accepting a limited amount product to sell on a consignment basis, or even purchase outright.  If you have a piece of equipment that you would like to sell, give us a call  1-778-478-2199 [Kelowna], and we can discuss it. Message From The Owner: Hi, my name is Bryan Cramer, owner of Motherlode Prospecting Supplies, and yes, I really am a placer miner [ that’s me using the G1 Concentrator from U.S. Prospector]. The price prospecting metal detecting mothersucker hand dredgeof gold is soaring, and so are the number of prospectors out there looking for it.  This means, to be successful, you have to dig deeper and travel further and learn how to find smaller and smaller flakes of gold, in quantities that will make it worthwhile.  Miners and prospectors, professional and amateur, are setting out into the wilderness every day looking for that dream of “Striking It Rich“, but to do that, a simple gold pan is no longer a viable method by itself. Gold Panning is a test tool, not meant for production or accumulating large amounts of gold, platinum, etc., unless you manage to tap into a very rare heavily salted  paystreak. However, if you are into it for the recreation or an excuse to just get out into the wilderness, it’s a perfect tool for that purpose, and won’t break the bank. To make money prospecting or gold panning, you now have to increase “exponentially” the amount of material processed per day, as well as capture that ultra fine gold the old timers were content to just let go, because the nuggets were plentiful and the equipment didn’t need to be as refined.  Well, that has all changed, and even though less than 10% of the estimated recoverable gold on earth has been mined, it is getting harder to find in quantities that make it a full-time venture.  But it is a still a fun and healthy recreation for millions of people worldwide, and growing, not only as an income stream, but as family recreation. However, there are those who seem to think that the more they spend on so-called state of the art equipment, with little experience and background to go on, are going to be sadly disappointed, and probably end up broke, or totally disillusioned. For new people just starting out I highly recommend the “Modern Goldseekers Manual“, which you can get via our online catalogue.  This is one of the first books I read years ago (I began as a trial and error type person), and still refer back to it from time to time.  Of course it’s been updated several times, which makes it such a valuable resource. With my 25+  years of experience in Prospecting and Metal Detecting, it is my goal to service the novices as well as the professional in their requirements, and if need be, take the time to work with you to make sure you are going along the right track and not spending money needlessly ( I was guilty of that – more than once). You do not have to purchase anything to become a member of our site, simply click on the “Catalogue” tab above, and enroll, or CLICK HERE. Remember, if you want to receive the NEWSLETTER we send out occassionally, you need to manually “subscribe”. We welcome your questions and will do our best to guide you in the right direction.


Prospecting is a lot of fun [as with any treasure hunting venture], but it also has risks, especially for the un-initiated. We want you to “Above All“, enjoy your experience safely, and with as little cash outlay as possible. There are also laws governing prospecting, both professional and recreational, therefore, we urge you to visit the Mineral Titles Website responsible for your area and read the current legislation and to locate area’s where you can legally stake a claim, and/or recreational gold panning. For more information on some of the products we sell, such as the Falcon Gold Tracker MD20 Metal Detector, and reviews of other products, and a listing of many of the Mineral Titles offices in Canada, please check out our information site at We are here for your Treasure Hunting Needs, so before you forget, SIGN UP for our newsletter via our online catalogue link, to keep current of what we are up to. Also, take some time to browse our site and to return often as things are going to change consistently with reviews of prospecting and mining products we have. This is a really great hobby, business or reason to get out and be with nature.  I know for me, there really is nothing better. Remember one little rule when you are out there in the wilderness – “After you are done, clean up your mess, remove your garbage and leave the area the way you found it for others to enjoy”.  Canada is a Beautiful Country, one that we can be proud of, and as citizens we have a responsibility to forward this heritage on to our descendants. Good Luck and Happy Nugget Hunting!



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