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Black Scorpion 2-Tier Concentrator Kit



IT'S BACK!!!!!!!

We keep getting requests for this unit! Why? Because it works, it's "Lightweight", and it's inexpensive!!

The "Black Scorpion 2-Tier Concentrator" built in Canada, by "Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd.".

Don't let the low price fool you - this lightweight Super Efficient system will really blow you away with it's simplicity and efficiency compared to those other high priced "Imports!

It's basically, a Mini Highbanker!

PERFECT for...

  • Placer Miners - Rendering down your Highbanker Concentrates to a more manageable amount!
  • Prospectors - Testing Various Area's near or away from a water source - it's a self contained recirculating system so you can work right next to your paydirt! ( must be pre-screened to 2M minus)!
  • Recreational Prospectors - find more gold in minutes, not hours bent over a gold pan.
  • It's Lightweight, self contained, compact and easy to pack - all you need is a 12v power supply and 1/2 inch or less classifier for pre-screening out the junk (Note - pre-screening increases paydirt volume, and actually saves operating time and, of course, battery power).
  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Saves Time and not to mention not having to worry, that you may still have gold in your tailings ( to re-run or not to re-run?) **No Gold In The Bottom Tier? Throw out the tailings**.

Save Your Back!!!We All Know Gold Panning Is Slow And Hard Work, and our 2-Tier Mini-Concentrator exponentiates production over simple panning with this very easy to use and "Self Aligning"system.

EVERYONE WE TALK TO LOVES IT - ESPECIALLY WITH THE FEEDER OPTION! ( sorry, Feeder currently unavailable ), not to mention it's light weight and it's small footprint makes it very versatile, and easy to get into those remote area's!

    Use it for...
  • Reducing your Highbanker concentrates from "Buckets" to a mere handful of "RICH HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" PayDirt for finishing.
  • Use it at the campsite for recreational gold mining and don't worry about polluting anything because it's "Recirculating"
  • Strap it to your quad or back pack, and use it for testing a new area.
  • Use your imagination on how much fun and valuable this system can be.

Any kind of gold mining is a step by step process, and the 2-Tier Mini-Concentrator is a valuable piece of that process.

Each tray has a textured slick plate followed by 5" length of Deep V Matting and 5 deep "Drop Riffles" that act like a fluid bed, which subtly vibrates just from the water flow, which helps trap the gold, and this means "Less Time-Consuming Re-Runs" rendering a 5 gallon bucket of material to less than a handful of highly concentrated material for finishing say's it all really.

What about the Tailings? Well, this processing system has been designed to save you a huge amount of time and guess work - simply - "no gold in bottom tray = throw out the tailings and move on to the next batch". In fact, we have recovered gold as fine as -200 to - 300 mesh (just don't over feed it) and eliminated the guess work on whether to "re-run" the tailings or not - even the Gold Cube at $600+ can't do that!!

Forget the High Priced Cubes, Boxes, Buckets, Hogs, Matting and Other Pricey and gimmicky U.S. Imports!"

The "Black Scorpion Mini-Concentrator Kit" runs 2 tiers simultaneously that gives you about 41" of overall sluicing length in a small footprint, and renders a 5 gallon bucket of concentrates to a mere handful of highly concentrated material in a very short period of time.

Once your done, it cleans up in seconds. (We recommend rinsing each tray in different buckets and that you check the bottom tray first.)

This is because due to riffle loading, skip or hydroplaning, gold can reach that area.

NO GOLD IN BOTTOM TRAY??? - THROW TAILINGS AWAY!! - If you do find gold in the BOTTOM TRAY, chances are it's pretty small, so if you decide to re-run the tailings, you only have to screen down to the largest particle found in Tier 2, and throw the rest out ( about 75 - 90% ).

This feature will lessen your recovery time drastically by concentrating your material extensively thus getting rid of a lot of waste material in a very short time.


Here's what the package consists of.....

  • Upper Sluice Tray
  • Lower Sluice Tray
  • 750 GPH Pump (12v)
  • Battery Clamps
  • Tub Stand with Pump Mount & Hardware ( same as use with the Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery Table Set.)
  • 2' - 3/4" Flex Hose
  • Barbed Hose Adaptor
  • 20L Bucket (5 gal approx) customized for recirculation system with 1.5" discharge to control water flow out of the bucket and back into the tub.

This unit sets up in mere minutes, is lightweight, can be used almost anywhere, even in your living room (but not recommended) or out in the field and cleans up in seconds.

It will easily run 2 mesh and smaller paydirt from your sluice, or classify at the river, and sluice it at your camp site, next to a warm fire.

Recommended Accessories....

  • Gold Drop Water Surfactant ( helps retain small gold )
  • 20L ( 5 gal ) buckets for clean up
  • 110/12v Plug in adaptor with Battery Clips
  • Solar Array

Recommended Additions:

Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery Table.

Manufactured by MotherLode Prospecting Supplies, this product is also available through the following "Authorized" dealers....


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