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Black Max Highbanker



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"Lightweight / Quick to Assemble / Cleans Up In A Snap!!"

So, you think those bulky, expensive, heavy, hard to assemble and time consuming to clean "Highbankers" are best?

Guess again - we have reinvented the Highbanker making it super light weight, simple to assemble, super fast to clean and it's an affordable price for any serious small miner.

Built around the Black Max Sluice Tray, this unit is designed for grabbing "Ultra Fine Gold" - and when you target "Ultra-Fine Gold" - the Nuggets naturally take care of themselves!

IMAGINE an unbelievably lightweight, yet rugged highbanker you can tear down, clean and put back together in less than 2 minutes, and is very efficient.

Conventional Highbankers should be cleaned on average about 1.5 hrs ( depending on the concentration of black sands), which means shutting down, removing riffles, matting, miners moss. If you don't have a spare set you have to waste more time washing and cleaning before putting back for another 1.5 hrs of work before stopping yet again, and that seriously cuts into production time.

Our Black Max could run all day without cleaning due to the special processing that goes on in the "Drop Riffles" that helps prevent overloading, and improves the "exchange' process ensuring there is a drop zone at all times waiting for the gold to hide in.

What happens if your pump runs out of gas? Well, if you can refuel in less time than it takes to clean out the Black Max Sluice, they you really are super fast.

While others are wasting time cleaning, "YOU are MINING", and when your on "Commission", it's important to be processing paydirt instead of using that time for cleanup!

Weighing approximately 22lb ( including complete steel frame), this system is a snap to hike into a remote area, and setup is a breeze.

The hopper nests inside the sluice tray for packing, but is almost as long as the sluice tray itself, with 3 moveable jets attached to the spray bar that creates a "Boiler Box" effect that works your pay dirt before it ever hit's the sluice tray.

Once the material escapes the vortex, it flows over 3 generous drop riffles to capture any bigger gold that won't fall through the grizzly. This is a problem with a lot of highbankers, even the more expensive ones, because if a piece of gold is too large to drop through a grizzly, it gets chucked out into the tailings.

Any gold that manages to escape the hopper's "Nugget Traps", will be small and will fall through the 1/2" mesh grizzly, and into the 11" x 37" Sluice Tray.

The sluice is our own special blend of Deep V Matting and deep drop riffles.

As the water comes down from the hopper, it hits the skid plate, then over 5" of deep V matting then hit's the "Drop Zone" consisting of 9 deep drop riffles.

If that isn't enough, we have added our own unique touch by embedding a strip of Deep V Matting at the very end to help trap any ultra fine gold that may try to escape.

The sluice tray is formed from strong 3/16" abs, that works like a gold magnet due to the polarity difference between gold and plastic, and because it's lightweight, vibrates slightly from the water flow, causing gold to drive even deeper into the drop riffles ( much like it does in nature when it hits bedrock cracks).

Extending is simply a matter of purchasing a second Sluice tray and stand to add to the length, if you really think you need if!

This unit can easily be set up to run at the river or even in a recirculation system in your back yard, and Cleanup is a snap.

In fact, in a test, we were able to shut down the system, take it apart, clean it and put it back together and ready to run, in under 2 minutes.

If you want a system that is "Light Weight", "Efficient" and "Inexpensive", then you cannot pass this up.

Order your's TODAY!

Please Note - We do not supply Pumps, Hoses, etc., which can be purchased locally in many places. If you do not have access to these accessories, we can assist in getting a full package to you.

Manufactured by MotherLode Prospecting Supplies,

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