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MotherSucker Prospector - 2 N 1 - No Bucket Sleeve


MotherSucker Hand Dredge Made In Canada - MADE IN CANADA!!


Originally developed and Manufactured by Motherode Prospecting Supplies Ltd, since 2012 - An ORIGINAL 2 'n' 1 HAND DREDGE!!

12 YEARS AND COUNTING, Get the Top Selling Canadian Built Hand Dredge in North America - originally designed by Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd.!

Affordably Priced, Durable Easily Packed, Quickly Repairable in the Field ( w/replacement parts), and is now being used by Prospectors WORLD WIDE!!!

You can Make your own BUCKET SLEEVE (Recommended - simple instructions supplied), or attach it directly to a 5 gal Bucket via the included hose set up.

Or, you can add the Bucket Sleeve to your order here.

2 N 1 ( some refer to it as a Hybrid Hand Dredge ), means you can convert this tool into a "Sniper" for getting into submerged potholes and bedrock cracks, or quickly switch it back to "Prospector Mode" for general recovery of submerged paydirt in a stream or other water source. ( even works under water ).

[ Note - this unit comes without the Bucket Sleeve to save on shipping, and which user can easily make in 15 minutes with supplied instructions, but is available if you want it - Please refer to video link at bottom of this page! ], or you can attach it directly to a bucket by drilling a 5/8" hole, attach a lid and drill 2 1 1/4" vent holes in the top.

Those of us with any experience know how valuable a product like this is, not only as a production unit, but also as a tool for sucking out those under water bedrock cracks and potholes, so why spend $300 or more on 2 units that you have to pack in and out, when one will do the job of 2?

Use it in "Sniper" mode for getting into those pot holes and submerged bedrock cracks, or in the "Prospector" production mode for testing, cleaning out under boulders and general use in river beds, and especially excavation holes, etc to get all those values the shovel leaves behind.

Comes with 1/2" & 3/4" Gold Trap Sniper Tips, and 1 1/4" Prospector tip.


  • Made from lightweight durable PVC.
  • 2" x 30.5" Barrel gets deep [ less stooping ].
  • 27" (total) plunger brings up more material from a longer pull.
  • 1 1/4" Suction Tip for great volume and size with separator to help prevent rock jams
  • 1/2" x 22" Sniper Tip with Nugget Trap
  • 3/4" x 16" Sniper Tip with Nugget Trap
  • Separated Tip = less rock jams & easy clearing.
  • 1 1/2" lightweight corrugated "Flex Hose", ( not like the other stuff that acts like a "Poop" tube trapping your gold inside ) that flushes clean easily and quickly.
  • Continuous feed. Recovered material is pumped into bucket on down stroke.
  • Most components easily replaceable.
  • Superior Leather Seal [ 2-cup design]
  • Easily converts to "Sniper" mode with "Included" 1/2" x 22" Sniper" Tip. ( 22" overall length - reach depth 15 1/2")
  • User changeable parts.
  • Made In Canada

You can't get to all the gold by shoveling alone, especially in bedrock cracks, under boulders and the bottom of pot holes where the shovel can't get to.

In fact, even the simple act of shoveling causes gold to be driven deeper to the bottom and into cracks and divots where the shovel can't go, therefore, the only way is to use a suction device to siphon it right up off the bottom just like a vacuum cleaner.

But, mechanized dredging in many areas is either illegal, or can take weeks to get written permission after submitting the complicated paperwork. A recent California Court has all but banned mechanized dredging. So where does that leave you?

Our basic "MotherSucker Prospector" Hand Dredge, with a 1 1/4" tip, is designed to suck up those elusive values on the up stroke by using simple "non-mechanical" suction and on the down stroke, pump those values into a recovery bucket via a lightweight corrugated 6' flex hose [ not a cheap unlined "Poop Tube" as others are using.

We use durable white PVC pipe, it is less reactive to temperature and sunlight.

It`s light weight, and comes with a time-proven leather seal for long life and superb suction. It's very easy to use, and it's long length means you can get deeper with less stooping which equals less fatigue.

If you do not own one of these hand dredges, you are losing gold, and probably lots of it, or working much too hard for what you are getting.

You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Please check with your local regulations before using.

Recommended Accessories:

At today's GOLD PRICES - it will pay for itself with 3 - 4 grams of gold.

Made in CANADA by "Motherlode Prospecting Supplies"


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  • Model: 7001
  • Manufactured by: Motherlode Prospecting

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