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Black Max Super Sluice



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The Black Max is formed from extremely durable and UV rated ABS plastic, and will give you years of service. If you should ever develop a crack or chip, it is quickly and permanently repaired ( welded ) using simple ABS glue available at any hardware store!

We all know that conventional style sluices used to be the ultimate in gold collection over 150 years ago, and since then have improved little.

In truth, the old conventional style of sluice was great when all people were interested in was larger gold - well, larger gold is now becoming rare, and it's the fine gold that is being targeted, and conventional sluices just can't efficiently trap and hold it.

Clean up has to be performed several times a day due to loading of the miners moss, they are heavy and cumbersome. Let's face it, a '57 Chevy is nice to look at, but doesn't hold a candle to the efficiency, speed and comfort of the modern car, and the same goes for Mining equipment.

Formed from thick, lightweight and UV resistant ABS, the Black Max has an impressive 11" x 37+" inner tray and 3" sidewalls.

As your material comes off the skid plate, it meets 5" of 1/8" Deep V Matting followed by 9 deep drop riffles ready to gobble up and trap even the smallest particle of gold.

A unique addition to this sluice is the additional 2" of 1/8" Deep V Matting at the very end to help retain that ultra fine gold that is readily lost by most other sluices during shut down, skip, washouts, blowouts and dishing. In fact, it is highly unlikely you will see any "washouts" with the Black Max, and blowouts are impossible due to riffle design.

Best of all, there is no miners moss or steel riffle system to take apart, making it a snap to clean out in virtually seconds.

You can also run it all day without having to worry about multiple cleanouts as there is no miners moss to plug up causing fine gold losses.

When set up properly, this sluice is super efficient at grabbing and holding the finest gold particles, even at faster water flows than a conventional sluice can handle.

It is super lightweight, but very durable, which makes it a snap to pack into those remote area's and can easily be converted to a power sluice by adding a spray bar, or a river sluice ( requires cutting the end out ). It is also the primary sluice in our new "Black Max Highbanker" system which is getting fabulous feedback from users!!

So, why Drop Riffles?
Well if you think about it, drop riffles act much like bedrock cracks that are linear to the water flow, and the natural vibration generates a "fluid bed effect" that helps even the smallest particle get to the very bottom displacing the lighter one's, which means, it's going nowhere, and is trapped until you retrieve it.

Also, conventional riffles can get washouts ( or blow outs ) as water can sometimes find a route under them, which means - you lose gold, and lots of it.

Drop Riffles also eliminate the need for "Miners Moss", which can be expensive, and requires substantial time to rinse out, which must be done regularly as it tends to plug up - Drop Riffles only take seconds to clean, and your ready to get back to business immediately

This sluice will impress you with it's versatility, design and efficiency, since you can

  • Cut the end out and use right in the river.
  • Set up as recirculating system at home by adding a spray bar and 2200 GPH Pump (leave end intact).
  • Make it as long as you want by simply adding optional "Extensions" (coming soon).
  • Convert it to a Highbanking System by adding a Hopper, frame and pump kit (See Black Max Highbanker)

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